My turning started in my early teenage years when visiting my granddad in Glasgow, we used to go to a community workshop where l was memorised by the machinery and the items 'Pop' and his friends were creating. It wasn't until many years later that this was refuelled by watching a demonstration of turning by David Reeks at Wisley Gardens in Surrey. Within two weeks l had bought a lathe and tools and within a month Di and myself were on a training course.

I have been drumming since l was sixteen, always on the edge of making a living from it, but never quite making the final step. I have worked live within cabaret, blues, jazz, and funk bands, worked in studios producing jingles and various other songs, as well as work as a theater drummer, yes that right pantomime! Nowadays l still play but spend more time teaching and repairing drums.
Custom drum making is more prominent in the USA than the UK and the most up to date information is available from the USA custom drum suppliers. Defining what you mean by custom drums is a great discussion, in my mind if you buy in a blank shell as your starting point it is not a custom drum more like a DIY kit for a drum, especially if you purchase it with the holes drilled and bearing edges completed.


In 2011 I was awarded a bursary from the Worshipful Company of Woodturners to help explore different ways of enhancing drums with colour and carving. I spent three excellent days with Nick Agar just building a pallet of ideas and learning how to experiment.